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Wills, Probate and Estate litigation

Will and Estate prepearation is importnat to anyone estate plaining. These are matters that we need to conider and requies consider plaing well beore they are need. Take the time now to make these decisions easier and in writting/
  • Makingthese decisons when one has time to take all matters into consideration is importnat,
  • Keep these document up todaym nakes sure that you wises are carried as you desire,
  • An executor or administrator of an estate is important, and is am important decision,
  • Having these document in a safe and sure place, with copies in your trusted freind and associates are important.
We not only defend wills, trusts and powers of attorney that are being challenged, but we also can challenge them on behalf of our clients. There are many bases for legal challenges that can create litigation,
  • A planning document doesn’t meet the laws’ requirements,
  • The person creating them may not have been competent or was unduly influenced by another,
  • An executor or administrator of an estate isn’t complying with legal or fiduciary obligations, and,
  • The agent named in a power of attorney or trustee of a trust may not be fulfilling his or her role. Decisions aren’t be made, documentation isn’t being kept or the person may be taking advantage of the situation for personal gain.



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