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Mediation allows both parties involved in a civil dispute to come together and talk about the dispute and the resolution that each party would like to see. Because parties likely disagree about how the dispute should be resolved, mediation also gives parties an opportunity to express their opinions, and whether or not they are willing to compromise.
What Is Mediation?
Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a mediator intervenes in a dispute with the intent of helping interested parties resolve it. The Alabama State Bar explains that mediation is a “quick and efficient way to resolve disputes,” adding that it provides parties involved with the opportunity to solve their own problems. Mediation relies on a mediator, who is a neutral third party who is responsible for facilitating conversation and helping parties to stay on track, but is not responsible for taking sides or making a decision about the outcome of a case. In an unofficial capacity, a mediator can be a friend, church leader, or other neutral party; in an official legal capacity, the state of Alabama maintains a list of mediators who have satisfied Mediation Registration Standards and Procedures, and who have registered with the Alabama Center for Dispute Resolution.
The Benefits of Mediation The benefits of resolving a dispute via mediation instead of litigation are numerous. The American Bar Association (ABA) lists just a few of these advantages as being:
  • You are in charge of the outcome of your case. Rather than a judge making a decision about how your civil action is resolved, you will ultimately be in charge of whether or not an agreement is reached, and what that agreement contains. This can be empowering.
  • Mediation allows you to face your feelings. There is no doubt that civil cases and personal injury suits can be very emotional. When you mediate a case, you are encouraged to express your feelings and acknowledge your emotions in moving towards a resolution. Doing so can be both therapeutic and help to foster empathy in the other party.
  • Mediation is less expensive. Going to court is expensive, plain and simple. When you choose to litigate a case, you will have to worry about court fees, lawyers’ fees, and more, and costs can often exceed benefits. By mediating your case, you can focus on recovering compensation for harm, not spending hundreds or thousands on litigation.
  • Mediation is faster. Most parties involved in a civil case want a quick resolution; no one wants to see a civil suit dragged out. Going to court can take months, or even a year or more.
  • Mediation can provide more satisfaction. According to the ABA, mediations end in an agreement between 70 and 80 percent of the time and have a high rate of compliance, leaving both parties more satisfied. While it is possible that a judge will side with you should you bring your case to court, it’s not a guarantee.
  • Mediation is often a less intimidating process. Finally, the decision to bring forth a civil action in itself can feel dramatic and stressful; going to court and litigating your case before a judge may be very intimidating and difficult. Mediation is a less formal, and less daunting, way of reaching a settlement for your case.


Reaching a settlement in a civil case is one of the most challenging parts of the entire civil legal process; plaintiffs wish to maximize their settlement amount, whereas defendants are worried about saving money and preserving their reputation. Indeed, settlement negotiations can be so contentious that they often take months to resolve, and can sometimes even result in parties choosing litigation for a determination. Alabama attorney Cedrick Coleman understands that when you have been injured or suffered other damages, spending months disagreeing over how much your settlement should be can be frustrating. As such, our law practice always prioritizes alternative dispute resolution tactics, including mediation, that are designed to mitigate the high costs of litigation and effectively reach a settlement agreement.

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